About Montana Matriarch


The Mission of Montana Matriarch is to manifest women’s civic engagement by magnifying local needs and motivating through unity.


We believe that accomplishing this mission requires focusing on the following three concepts:



Providing women with the opportunity to increase their knowledge around issues of critical concern to the community, including identifying organizations and entities currently addressing the issue and exploring opportunities for involvement and action in regard to the issue.



Providing women with the opportunity to develop a positive social identity and sense of belonging in the community by facilitating opportunities to gather, network, and socialize.



Providing women with clear avenues to express their values and concerns through action; including volunteerism and philanthropic avenues.


We will deliver our objectives through the following activities:

Monthly gatherings designed to raise awareness around issues of critical importance in our community;

Annual giving designed to cultivate women donors and build their identity as philanthropists;

Regular service projects designed to meet areas of shared concern;

Promotion of women’s leadership opportunities within the community.